Dune bashing is an interesting off-roading activity. It is usually carried out in desert or sandy areas. Just like the name implies, it is usually done on dunes. While this may seem impossible, it is, in fact, an enjoyable experience. Dune Bashing Saudi Arabia

The desert scape of Saudi Arabia gives tourists an opportunity to have a wild adventure off the road. Without limits, tourists can enjoy the thrills of driving on dunes at any time in Saudi Arabia. Dune bashing is probably the most common fun activity carried out in the desert.

Special cars like SUVs and 4-wheel drive cars like Land Cruisers make it possible to actually bash the dunes. These cars help in maintaining good balance as the surface of the ground changes. The fact that these cars have wider tires makes them more effective. The width of the tires helps to spread the weight of the car over a wider ground area. This is how balance is ensured. If the tires are not wide, the car tends to sink in the sand, due to the fact that desert sand is usually soft sand.

Climbing up and down the sand dunes in these specialized cars is an exciting activity that you won’t be forgetting in a while. Another significant characteristic of dune bashing is speed. This also adds to the enjoyable experience, as long as the driver is experienced and familiar with the dunes.

There is no gain in saying that Saudi Arabia is majorly a desert area. It has different areas with sand dunes that serve as perfect locations to enjoy dune bashing. From Riyadh to Dammam and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia offers visitors and natives an opportunity to go dune bashing.

The most prominent locations for a mind-blowing dune bashing experience in Saudi Arabia are urban Jeddah, historic Hail, urban Riyadh, and Dammam.

Usually, tourists go dune bashing with guides. These guides are pro drivers that are skilled and experienced in dune bashing in Saudi Arabia. They know about every sand valley and hill in the desert and can maneuver skillfully and safely. With these skilled drivers, you can be sure not to miss out on the fun. With the car and the guide ready, all you have to do is hop in and cross your fingers for an adrenaline-pumping experience. However, for the sake of safety and comfort, there are a few tips to note.

Buckle up. Fastening your seatbelts is not an option when it comes to dune bashing. The changing surface of the sand makes the car make varying movements. This could toss passengers to and fro. Since the interior of the car won't be foam or jelly, this could lead to injuries. Keeping your seatbelts fastened keeps you balanced in the car. Regardless of what type of movement the vehicle makes, you won't bump your head against anything or anyone.

You should not even be part of the ride at all if you have any back issues, especially the lower back. While you won't be the driver of the SUV, your spinal cord will be very much involved as you move. Aside from the fact that you would be sitting for at least 30 minutes straight, you tend to move your waist and back involuntarily a lot. This would definitely cause a problem for a sore back so it is advisable for you to avoid dune bashing if you have any back problems.

Ensure extra safety for kids. Children cannot look after themselves, so they are the responsibility of the adults, obviously. If you are with kids, you should double-check to make sure that their seatbelts are fastened and they are comfortable.

Do away with uncomfortable clothing. Your clothes should not be too heavy or restricting.

Avoid taking any heavy food before you go dune bashing. This is because an overly full stomach can make you uncomfortable. Furthermore, in the case of a stomach upset or nausea, you should ask your driver to stop the ride. If you feel sick in any way, the ride should be stopped.

Avoid going on the ride with an inexperienced driver. Your regular driver is not the same as a dune driver. The skills required to drive up and down sand dunes are far different from the skills needed to drive on a regular road. 


The majority of tourists that go on dune bashing also camp around the desert. You could indulge yourself in ‘kashta', camping among the dunes with other tourists. If you're around Al Reem Reserve, you can camp at Falcon International Camp. There are several enjoyable activities to participate in, from watching migratory birds to riding on camels. If you're at the cape of Jeddah, you might want to explore Moon Mountain and enjoy the view that is like none other.

Visiting The Lakes 

Aside from the dune bashing, there are other activities to enjoy while in the desert. It is probably something you weren’t expecting- there are lakes to visit while you engage in your dune bashing activity. Just imagine a lake surrounded by the natural sand hills- picturesque, right?

The rain brings about the majority of these lakes. While some are usually shallow, some others can be deep enough for you to swim in.

Al Asfar Lake

The Al Asfar lake is located north of the Al Ahsa national park. This lake is a beauty to behold. When you visit during winter, you can see a wide variety of rare birds like squacco herons. Also called the Yellow Lake, you would surely be tempted to take pictures of the lake.

Kharrarah Lake

Located in Riyadh, this lake is also called the lake of liquid light. It forms when the rain falls continuously. You can visit the lake to take pictures and swim after dune bashing at the Al Kharrarah national park. You can also have a fun picnic at the edge of the lake.

Best Time To Go Dune Bashing 

The best time to go dune bashing in Saudi Arabia is during winter. This is when the deserts are more comfortable. However, this does not mean one should dress too casually. Desert temperature will always be different from the usual city temperature. It is advisable to dress warmly.

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