terms & conditions

terms & conditions

Important information: Please read the terms and conditions of the customer agreement carefully before you make a reservation or buy a program for a tour or tour-related products listed in our Tourzable.com website. This agreement will help you to know your rights and responsibilities as well as know the rights and responsibilities of Tourzable.com. When you become one of our customers, you agree to accept that you have read, understood and agreed to the following terms and conditions, and that you will grant your permanent approval to be bound by all of the terms and conditions mentioned, in addition to your commitment to any updates that may occur there. Your responsibilities: It is your responsibility to read all information about the product you desire, including but not limited to the following sections: pricing, itinerary, cancellation and refund policy, terms and conditions, special notes, etc.

You hereby agree that you have read and fully understood all information about the tourist program and the terms and conditions on the site and will waive the right to dispute in any part of it after purchase. Once the reservation is completed, it is the customer's responsibility to update all contact information. Modification: Tourzable.com reserves the right to change the terms and conditions, in whole or in part, at any time with or without prior notice. Eligibility Conditions: You must be an individual, and be at least 18 years old.

If you are under 18, you may only use Tourzable.com with the participation of one of your parents. The usual reservation process and e-ticket: - After submitting the reservation, you will receive by email the receipt of the initial reservation, receiving the reservation receipt (it does not guarantee that you will have seats).

- After paying the amount and receiving it from us, we will process the reservation confirmation, "The confirmation period for the reservation varies according to the type of program required", you will be notified via email if the reservation is confirmed at the earliest opportunity.

- If the reservation is confirmed, the e-mail will include information about the tour program and contact information for the tour operator responsible for providing the tourism program. - All you have to do is print your e-ticket and present it with a valid ID to the service provider. E-tickets will be proof of purchase. Medical conditions, pregnancy: If you have a medical condition, or if you are pregnant and thinking about traveling, you should consult your doctor before traveling, especially if the medical condition requires daily routine care, urgent care, or if the pregnancy is very dangerous. You are responsible for disclosing any relevant information to us during the departure procedures process (purchasing the program or tourist activity) by adding private comments. You should know that Tourzable.com or your local provider is not in a position to provide any medical services or urgent care if this procedure is required. You are responsible for any risks, accidents or consequences that occur during the flight. We strongly recommend purchasing medical and travel insurance before you travel if you are from outside Saudi Arabia. Travel insurance: Tourzable.com strongly recommends its customers to have insurance covering medical services, cancellation of trips, baggage, etc. Tourzable.com does not currently offer any travel arrangements. The tourism products listed on Tourzable.com are operated by independent tour providers and licensed by the Saudi Ministry of Tourism. We act as a marketing platform for tour operators, transportation, sightseeing and hotel accommodation. Tourzable.com is exempt from any liability in the event of any accident that leads to: for example, loss or damage to property, injury to persons, death during the flight, delay, violations or other incidents beyond its control. The agreements will be made according to the rules laid down by airlines, hotels, buses, etc. You agree that Tourzable.com will not be responsible for any costs or damages arising from a dispute or dispute between you and any participating provider or external party for anything related in any way to this site or by using the information provided on this site, and you expressly disclaim For any such claim against Tourzable.com, its owner, members, officials, managers, employees, subsidiaries, and agents represented. Due to the cancellation policy of your tourist trip and the unexpected events that may happen, Tourzable.com proposes to purchase travel insurance for your reservation. Tour modifications and cancellations: Tour operator will do their best to ensure that all trip arrangements are made as planned. However, to ensure having safe trip, the tour operators have the right to make adjustments including changing, postponing and canceling trip due to weather, transportation and many other uncontrollable conditions. Tour operators also have the right to cancel the tour before departure and to refund the full amount paid if the number of participants is not sufficient to form a tour group. The language Tourists are accompanied by a tour guide who specializes in English or a bilingual or multilingual tour guide. In order to meet the linguistic need of the majority of travelers on the tourist bus, it is your responsibility to inform us of your language needs when you book your tour online. Passports and visas: You are responsible for obtaining any travel documents and / or checking necessary entry requirements for each country of travel and / or transit in your chosen itinerary. Entry laws differ with respect to the traveler’s nationality. Tourzable.com cannot obtain clients' personal travel documents or take responsibility for any notice or notice of requirements (current, current or current). You are responsible for any expenses incurred as a result of delay or change of itinerary related to the lack of appropriate travel documents. You must strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the visiting country government (Saudi Arabia). Tourzable.com will not be liable for any penalties due to your failure to comply with the laws and regulations issued. Pricing, amendment and cancellation policy Please note that all prices are quoted in Saudi Riyal or US dollars. Prices may vary depending on availability and seasons. For example, prices may increase during official holidays. More details on cancellation and refund practices (terms) for Tourzable.com are explained. The Amendment, Cancellation, and Refunds Policy is part of this agreement, and you agree that you have read and approved all of its contents before making an online reservation. Disability and travel We are honored by everyone, regardless of colors or physical conditions. One of our goals is to provide free entry and expand travel opportunities for people with special needs. As we discover more travel products, we are adding more programs and activities to accommodate this special segment of society. However, not all of the travel products we currently offer include their own accommodations. You are responsible for checking with us before you book travel to ensure that you make the necessary arrangements for you to suit your specific needs. Tourzable.com or your local provider is not responsible for any accidents or consequences that occur during travel, complaints or lawsuits during or after travel due to your failure to inform us of your specific needs. It is also your responsibility to reconfirm with us after reserving seats for you, and special accommodation will be provided upon your request. Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability: Tourzable.com uses (valid, reasonable) efforts to obtain accurate, complete and up-to-date information on its website. However, because travel and trip prices are constantly changing, we do not guarantee that all information is current or free from technical or typographical errors. It is the user's responsibility to verify any information before relying on it. We reserve the right to make any changes and updates to any information provided on this site without prior notice. If your contact information, including but not limited to your email address, phone number, physical address, or any other incorrect data, Tourzable.com will not be held responsible for any information that the customer has not received. Law selection, waiver, and claims: This agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, without the need to refer to the rules of conflict of laws. As a condition of using the site and the Tourzable.com service, you (the customer) agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and thus agree to submit any complaint or claim of any kind exclusively in the courts located within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If any provision of this Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, this provision will be applied to the fullest extent possible, and the other provisions contained therein will remain in effect. Tourzable.com (failure) to insist on or enforce the strict performance of any provision of the Agreement is not construed as a waiver of any provision or right. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as creating or forming a partnership, joint venture or agency relationship between Tourzable.com and the service providers or between Tourzable.com and any other corporate partners. Service providers or any corporate partner will not be able to create any obligation on behalf of Tourzable.com.