Edge of the world is 96km from northwest of way to sadous lies the beautiful cliff. The cliff drops away, giving an aesthetic and breath-taking view down the plain. Edge of the world is a point of tuwaiq escarpment with deep steep edges. The cliff is made from mud and solid rocks  with uneven terrains to walk through to reach the top destination.

Edge of the world is part of the tuwaiq escarpment located in the central region. The area is full of high and low cliffs made from mud and rocks, and all have uneven terrains to walk on. The view from right above is breathe taking and is one of the highest foreign tourism attractions in Saudi Arabia.

The tremendous Edge of the world's sights and cliffs gives a beautiful panoramic view from top to bottom. The area is like a desert and is deserted and haunted; therefore, no life exists there. So you might not find any directional boards and signboards, so care has to be taken to rejoice in the splendid view.

This tuwaiq escarpment is the most popular and prominent feature of Saudi Arabic, and it spreads over 1000 kilometers from najran in the south up to the Qasim in the north part. The place also plays a significant role in Saudi Arabian history. It was one of the oldest caravan trade routes to cross the Arabian peninsula from Yemen into Persia.


How did the Edge of the world get its name?

Edge of the world is located in Saudi Arabia, and its real name is jebel Fihrayn. The place has got its name from people who observed the view. It has got the name because of the uninterrupted view from the top of the horizon as it is 300 meters high, which overlooks the surrounding plains.

The place drops down roughly 305 meters into the oldest ocean bed. You'll also figure out the dried rivers weaving across the land, and you might even see desert animals (camels) roaming around the area.

Some travelers built several trails along the cliffs more recently, allowing access up and down the impressive escarpment. Some stone-made trails are still visible today, like at the Khashm Zubaydah, 50 kilometers southeast of Edge of the World.


You will be going to find fossils of corals all over the route:

These cliffs result from the tectonic movement of the Arabian plate towards the northeast due to the spread of the red sea rift located 1000 km to the west of Kuwait. The red sea released the area of sediments accumulated there when the eastern part of Saudi Arabia was a shallow tropical sea. You'll find plenty of fossils in black, greyish, and whitish colors and still available on the ground and uneven terrains.


Edge of the world is absolutely for hikers:

Edge of the world is truly for a hiker to enjoy their visit to the place. Trekking and hiking can be more exciting on uneven terrains and routes. You can even try to climb the whole Edge of the cliff from top to bottom. Instead of trekking direction of sadous, do take the route towards Makkah and drive through dharma to reach the Edge.

When you see the cliffs, the peaceful mud-created cliffs look calm and seem endless wherever your eyes run around, and you will see a bundle of cliffs together standing side to side. The hiker must prepare a backpack to travel to the Edge of the world with appropriate trekking shoes and jumpsuits for convenience.




Below the cliff is Acacia Valley, which is perfect for camping. Therefore, the valley has lush greenery, so there isn't too much wind. There are trees and plenty of nice spots to set up camp. Camping on the edge of the world is a great idea to spend a day with your family and friends.

The locations of the gate and the exact spot of Edge of the World are available on Google Maps, but although the gates can be reached on the tarmac, the trip to Edge of the World 15 kilometers further down the valley is off-road. Even though the rocky track doesn't present significant difficulties, a proper uplifted 4X4 and a navigation system must make the round trip safely to the cliffs.


What is the best route for hikers and trekkers?

Edge of the world takes 90 minutes from Riyadh to reach the destination. Hikers can choose any route they want, but a few things are a must to rejoice on their trip to the Edge of the world. These are: proper shoes, a jumpsuit for convenience, must carry water and snacks for themselves, and a map which guides them in the right direction towards the Edge of the cliff on top.

Due to its popularity and attraction, the Saudi government has made paved roads and routes towards the Edge of the world for people to visit. While going towards the destined place, you'll find a beautiful lush green valley in between your journey towards the Edge of the world. The valley is Sha'ib Khaimah, a large valley that becomes lush green after rain and creates a beautiful view between November and April. The valley can be an ideal spot for a family picnic.


What happens when it rains in that area?

When it rains, the whole area at the bottom of the cliffs converts into a running stream, and then you can witness water in the desert. The streams become heavier as it depends on the rain. The Edge of the world looks picturesque and tremendous when it rains in the area, and it becomes an aesthetic scenic view.


You'll get the most tranquil vibes from the place:

The stunning view of the desert from the cliff will leave you wandering and astonished. While standing on the towering cliff, you'll find the valley and mountain greenery all over till where your eyes can see the far. The Edge of the world's exalted position allows for the occasional fog and creates picturesque and heart-wrenching views.

The hikers and trekkers also frequent the Edge of the world with exciting activities like hiking, night camping, horseback and camel riding, and tri-wheeled bike-riding to rejoice themselves. The people who do night camping get an excellent opportunity to see the aesthetic view of the sunset, and the starry sky of the place will make you surprised.

How can you get there if you aren't a hiker or trekker?

Figuring out how to get to the Edge of the World is the most challenging part of visiting it. There is no public transportation there. Your only options to visit are by driving on the four-wheeler cars, hitchhiking, or joining a tour group and climbing the uneven terrain of the place with rocks and fossils all over the ground. Self-driving is the most convenient option if you can rent a car.

  • Self-driving

There are two different routes that you can take to the Edge of the World, but both require that you first get to near the town of Al Uyaynah just outside of the city.

  • Acacia Valley Route

The first route passes through the Acacia Valley to reach the Edge of the World. There is a turnoff marked on Google Maps at the start of this route. There is a brief section of well-paved road, and then you'll reach another turnoff next to a dam.

The turnoff is typically blocked by a gate that is reportedly only open on Fridays and Saturdays, meaning that you can only visit the Edge of the World via this route on those days. I went on a Friday afternoon, and quite a few people were passing through the gate (many to go camping in the Acacia Valley). When the gate is open, pass through it to enter the Acacia Valley. Continue following tracks for about 45 minutes until you end.

There are several sections where the track turns into soft gravel, and keeping up momentum here so that you don't get stuck is very important. If you stop, you might not be able to get moving again.

Sadus Dam Route


This is a more northern route with less loose sand, making it easier for 2wd vehicles; it begins from the Sadus Dam, marked on Google Maps, and continues directly to the Edge of the World.

?When to visit the Edge of the World

The Edge of the World can be visited year-round, but winter is the best time to visit. Summer temperatures can reach above 50°C, meaning that hiking is impossible, and even standing around the shade-less viewpoints will feel like you're in an oven. Even though it's a deserted place, there is no access to water except cliffs, sand, and mud, so heat can be the biggest challenge to spending a day with family and friends. 

Autumn and spring should be bearable as long as you don't visit in the middle of the day. In winter, temperatures are very comfortable (around 20°C during the day) and can even get chilly at night. This weather is perfect for camping.

What time of day is good to travel the Edge of the world?

It's highly recommended to arrive at the Edge of the World an hour or two before sunset. At this time of day, the light is fantastic, and it turns the pale cliffs into a gorgeous orange color. You'll have trouble putting down your camera. Mid-day is also a great idea, but you won't have as dramatic light on the cliffs.

Do you need a 4-wd to get to the Edge of the World?

You don't need a 4-wd vehicle to get there, but it will undoubtedly make your life easier.

You'll probably have to travel in cars with your family and friends and take them towards the Acacia Valley route, and it was tricky at some points. Care has to be taken while traveling with your loved ones with momentum so that people don't get stuck in the gravel, sharp rocks, and mud, and at specific points, there were large bumps that probably weren't good for the vehicle.

Even a 2-wd SUV would fare much better. The low bottom of my car was what caused me issues. If you attempt this drive with a 2-wd, you probably will get stuck in gravels, rocky terrains, and sand pits, and your tour might get disturbed and become terrific. It is good to drive with at least one other vehicle if one of you gets stuck.


Edge of the World Safety

Most of the dangerous things I witnessed revolved around people posing for photos at the Edge of the massive cliffs and slipping while climbing down rocks.

To stay safe at the Edge of the World, please don't stand right at the cliff's Edge. Your photos will still look good if you stand a few feet away.

Wear proper footwear, and mind your step. There's a lot of loose rock here, and people wearing sandals were often slipping (and falling onto other people). This was very dangerous, and I had to start walking away from people as I didn't want someone falling on top of me.


Just be careful

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