Mecca Clock Tower

Mecca Clock Tower

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It is a clock positioned atop the Abraj Al Bait complex, including the Fairmont Hotel in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, with a height of around 600 metres, and is the world's tallest clock. It was tested for the first time during Ramadan in 1431 Hijri, and the Mecca Time Center is linked to the UTC Universal Time Network, which is based in Paris.

The establishment of Mecca clock

The project began in 2008, when the governor of the Mecca region, Prince Khalid al-Faisal, announced that the late Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz had ordered the establishment of a clock in Mecca at the top of the fifth tower of the King Abdulaziz endowment project in the city of Mecca, to be placed at an altitude of about 600 metres.

The purpose of this height was to be able to hear and see it from all directions, as you can see it from a distance of 13 kilometres due to its huge dimensions. The measurements on one side of the clock are about 43 metres in width and height, and at the top, there is the word "Allah" on its four sides.

Mecca clock project

The project contains four clocks so that one clock is special for each of the four sides of the tower, it contains two main clocks, one of them faces the Mecca sanctuary directly to the North, and the second one is opposite to the south at an altitude of about 80 metres, with the word of His Majesty Allah on top, and about 65 metres in width and 43 metres in diameter, as for the two side clocks they are in the East and west direction to be 65 metres high, 39 metres in width and 25 metres in diameter.

and that makes the Mecca Clock project the longest clock in the world with a length of 40 metres and an altitude of 400 metres above ground level, the clock was made in Germany with the installation of light sources emitting rays of light on the walls of the clock to celebrate different occasions such as holidays and the time of Azan (Prayer Time) and Islamic occasions such as the entry of the Hijri months and holidays, it lights up about 16 light beams in a vertical shape, reaching more than 10 kilometres in the sky, and the power of each beam is about 10 kW. The Adhan of the Holy Mosque is also broadcasted directly from the top of the Mecca Clock through loudspeakers so that it is easy to hear, as the sound can reach a distance of 7 kilometres.

Also, during the time of prayer, the top of the clock is illuminated by 21 thousand lamps that emit bright lights in white and green, so that it can be seen at a distance of up to 30 kilometres, as it is a signal about the of entering the prayer time, and also to help hearing impaired people who are at a distance to know the prayer times.

Where the clock face will be white with the hour hands in black during the daytime, and green with the hour hands in white during the night period. At the top of the clock tower, there is the largest Crescent in the world that reaches a distance of about 600 metres from the surface of the ground.

The tower also contains the highest residential area in the world, it simulates the design and shape of ships from the inside, and it also contains residential rooms, operational rooms, maintenance and services rooms, and about 6 elevators to lift visitors to the balcony, which is located below the 4 clocks with 5 metres in width, and this artwork is also characterised by wonderful Islamic and artistic inscriptions and decorations.