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The AlShareef Museum is one of the most well-known museums in Mecca and is linked with the Taif governorate. It is a national museum inside a large popular structure with a size of up to 5000 square metres, designed by Ali Khalaf Mulabas al-Shareef. When you get there, you'll see that it has a lot of historical, heritage, and ancient archaeological items of various types.

These pieces represent the ancient heritage of the Taif region, and the museum also contains a small market consisting of a collection of kiosks and shops, each of which contains its own craft, with a view of the machines and tools used in the past for each specific craft in its own kiosk.

The museum also has a number of halls for each collection, such as a weapons hall with swords, spears, daggers, rifles, and other weapons, a hall for coffee-making instruments and cooking utensils, and special areas for women's jewellery, apparel, and agricultural equipment and tools.

The owner of Al Shareef Museum is Ali bin Mulabas, and he has contributed a large and diverse collection of artefacts that he had collected himself over the course of 30 years, as he was always moving and travelling through different cities, neighbourhoods, and regions of Saudi Arabia to collect them, and for this reason, it is considered one of the best museums in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al Shareef museum was founded and established In 2005.

Al Shareef Museum location

Al Shareef Museum is located in the Umm Al-Sabaa' neighbourhood, which is located in the city of Taif in the Mecca region of Saudi Arabia.

Opening hours of Al Shareef Museum

The museum is open to its visitors daily from 4 pm to 10 pm.

Contents of Al-Shareef Museum

This museum was built using old traditional stone, including a door made of wood decorated wonderfully and beautifully, so that the museum area is more than 5000 square metres, and it is considered one of the most famous museums in the city of Taif. Many people visit the Museum, as it is one of the great museums that have been created with all its contents being collected from Antique collectibles by personal effort, and this is what distinguishes it.


It contains a large number of archaeological collectibles, including antique pieces, old traditional furniture, a number of wonderful paintings, old hanging lanterns, and many ancient historical monuments and pieces displayed in the exhibition, where the museum combines together many different cultures that existed in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the old days.

Al Shareef Museum has many sections, there is a special section about the life of housewives more than 150 years ago, the way they work at home, and the tools they used to use, it contains sewing machines, clothes, ornaments, and jewellery, in addition, it has a special section for the living room and its shape for many centuries.

The museum also has special sections for displaying old traditional medical equipment, which dates back more than 60 years, in addition to the form of old weapons and agricultural equipment, traditional and old children's toys, some copper pieces, old cooking utensils, and many old household items.

The museum also has a number of ancient manuscripts of the Holy Quran and books, as well as a distinguished number of rare pieces dating back to the time of the founding of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

There are also a number of old cameras, watches, and antique radios, as well as about 30 old cars dating back to before 1926.

There are also a large number of different activities that you can do when you visit the museum, as it is one of the most important museums in Taif and you will be able to spend a pleasant time there.


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