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Have you ever gone to a place where amidst all the beauty it possesses, there is still a bit of horrific history attached to the place? This location is one.


Wadi Khitan and Basus War is a large valley located in the Tihamah province, which is in the southwest region of KSA. This valley is so wide that it extends from the ends of the Surat mountains until BledAl Awamer.


Encircling a large and old fenced tomb called The Quaib Tomb, which also has an abundant well called The Sibahand situated next to it, are remnants of a village called Basus. This goes to tell that the reputation of this village for its beautiful and scenic attractions with a degree of archeological value isn't far-fetched.


This village - Basus, is part of the BledAl Awamer and was the location of the Basus war. And from the outset, it wasn't meant to be remembered for such a haunting memory until a particular incident.


While gathering information about this war, we found out that Basus was a woman and the camel was that of her neighbor. In her time also, there was a mighty chieftain named Qhalib who raised and fed his animals indiscriminately and people wouldn't dare to question his ways.


On a fateful day, Qhalib caught sight of a camel that wasn't his, amongst his flock. With a rush of blood to his head, he fired an arrow into the camel. This camel, with the arrow, ran back to its owner - Saad and fell at his feet. The scream and wailings of Basus when she saw this camel was the rallying cry that broke out and started the war.


The Arabs don't let a thing slide, they would fight back. Hence, Busas' nephew Jesus Ibn Mura who was from the tribe of Bakr went to Qhalib, stabbed him with a spear, and killed him. To be honest, some of the people wanted to avoid the war that would inevitably ensue and wanted to offer Jesus Ibn Mura to Qhalib's people for his crime. But a brother of Qhalibs - Zir Salim "the womanizer" and a drunkard felt otherwise.


Zir Salim felt that the life of his brother Qhalib was equal to that of the entire tribe of Bakr and thus a bloodbath ensued. This went on for 40 years until a wise chief from Bakr - Al - Harith ibn Arabad known for his patience and fierceness. He wanted nothing to do with the blood bath, so he sent his son to negotiate for peace. But his son was killed by Zir Salim. 


According to tradition, Zir Salim should have been satisfied with killing Al - Harith ibn Arabad's son given that he considered him an equal to Qhalibs. But he felt otherwise. Enraged, he swore to his son's murderer until the earth spoke to him.


Well, he did kill so much of this tribe that it nearly drove them to extinction. But they devised a way to broker peace by digging a well and getting into it so that when Al - Harith ibn Arabad passed by they could plead that he spared some of them. He listened because like he swore, the earth spoke to him.