The Heritage Village in Jazan

The Heritage Village in Jazan

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The Heritage Village combines the modern current with the historic past. It was founded in 1429 Hijri and is located on Jazan's southern Corniche. It chronicles the story of the various cultures that have passed through the Jazan region over time.

The idea was to make this village a temporary part of the events of the Jazan Winter Festival, and when it was met with great admiration by visitors, the current heritage village of Jazan was established by order of Prince Mohammed bin Nasser bin Abdul Aziz, who was the Emir of the city of Jazan at the time.

After that, the competent authorities began to build the village to be on the southern Corniche in Jazan. When you visit it, you will find that it was built on a huge area of 7,000 square metres and that the village has been able to combine different cultures from different cities, provinces, plateaus, mountains, and various civilizations of Jazan until the present time. The Heritage Village is now used as a permanent headquarters to establish Jazan festivals in the winter each year.

When you visit the Heritage Village, you will feel as if you have gone back in time to the ancient past due to all the civilizations that have passed through the Jazan area over the different eras. As soon as you enter the Village, you will find the mountain house (reception house), it was built to include three floors, and it is one of the strongest buildings due to its suitability for the mountainous environment in the Jazan area.

A collection of ancient archaeological and historical objects has been collected and displayed in the house, in addition to household collectibles, and all these pieces have helped transform this mountain house into a World Heritage Center, through which the nature of everyday life that existed at that ancient time is displayed.

As you pass through the village and visit the places in it, you will also find Al-Tohami house, a house that gives an image of the simple daily life of the ancient Tohami culture, it was created to be cone-shaped with the splendour of the sounds coming from the pots that were hung inside, giving it a beautiful resonant sound reflecting the beauty of this ancient era.

When you visit the old heritage village, you should visit the Farasan house, which will get all your attention, due to the fact that it is located in the middle of the sea and is connected to the Heritage Village by a bridge, as the Fursan House serves as a reflection of the natural marine environment, and you will be amazed by the beauty of the shells and pearls of the Farasan island.

Also, in the heart of the Heritage Village, there is a glimpse of the heritage of the popular (flea) market in the old traditional way in terms of what it displays from ancient archaeological, heritage, and historical objects, pots, and aromatic plants. The flea market helps to revive the ancient handicrafts in Jazan, as all the handicraftsmen display their crafts in this market.

The most important thing that the Heritage Village seeks to do is to display all the different aspects of the culture of the city of Jazan in different eras and times, such as folklore colours and folk arts, and this through cultural and Heritage programs to develop and disseminate the ancient historical heritage and inform new generations of the history of their ancestors, pass it through, preserve it, and keep it alive.

The Jazan area is an image and a model of the great human ability to adapt and use the environment in his favour. Despite the difficulty of the existing environment in Jazan, the people there were able to overcome the difficulties, build their homes, and make their furniture, and so, Jazan has become an area of an ancient historical civilization. The most important thing that the Heritage Village seeks is to revive, and preserve the culture of Jazan from disappearing over time.


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