Disa Valley

Disa Valley

Tabuk Tabuk

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One of the sites of the city of Tabuk in Saudi Arabia, characterized by an abundance of water tables, palm trees and wild herbs, which makes it acquire a unique nature, in addition to that it is one of the most important natural anchors of the NEOM project. Its name came from the village of Disa, which is located at the entrance to the valley from the western side. The word "disi" means "valley full of palm trees". Also called "Karagher", or Wadi Damah.

It contains archaeological sites, such as: the facades of Nabatean tombs carved in rock, and the remains of walls with Nabatean and Arabic inscriptions in Kufic script. The average rainfall is for eight months during the year, while the temperatures vary in it, as it drops during the winter to 12 degrees Celsius, while it rises to 31 degrees Celsius during the summer

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