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Barzan Palace is one of the most famous historical palaces, located in the city of Ha'il in the north of the Arabian Peninsula, as it is considered the ruling Palace of the Al-Ali family and was inhabited after them by the Al Rashid family, as it is named after Barzan as a result of its prominence from neighboring buildings located in the area, as it is named after Barzan as a result of its prominence from neighboring buildings located in the area.

There are only two towers left from the ruins of the palace, both reaching a length of 70 feet. 

The Barzan Palace was built in 1808 by Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Mohsen Al Ali, who was considered the second ruler of the Al Ali family in Ḥa'il. 

In addition, the palace was built on a 300 thousand square meter plot with three floors. The bottom floor was intended to house councils, reception salons, gardens, and kitchens that serviced the palace.

The second floor also contains rooms belonging to the guests of the state, and the third floor houses the ruling family. 

Barzan Palace during the Reign of Rashid family

Abdullah Al-Ali Al-Rashid took the Barzan Palace after his fall with his brother Obeid Al-Ali in 1834 as a unique headquarters for the emirate and a new center in the city of Ḥa'il. 


They reconstructed parts of it, and it was renovated quickly to serve as the center and residence of the reigning Al Rashid family at the time, as well as the seat of government.

The Barzan Palace has been the center of the country's administration in the succession of the ruling generations. During the reign of Prince Talal bin Abdullah bin Ali Al-Rashid from 1847 to 1866, many industrial and craft workshops and shops were built to serve the region. 

The expansions also increased during the reign of Prince Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Ali Al-Rashid, who was the fifth ruler from 1873 to 1897, to expand Barzan Square and also the market. They also built the Great Mosque of Barzan and a massive wall surrounding the city. 

When you visit Barzan Palace, you will have a strong image of the Palace because it is distinguished by grandeur, elegance, and the beauty of the walls and streets that surround it.

You can also visit the area and Barzan Palace, enjoy horse riding, and visit the palace courtyard. When you visit the Palace, you will find that it contains a dark entrance, which was built to defend the palace, and it is a little similar in its architecture to ancient Egyptian temples in its shape and the luxury of its construction. 

And after passing directly from the entrance, you will find a reception room in a shape of a coffee bean, characterized by elegance and luxury with its designs, it has five pillars, and the one in the middle is the ceiling holder, each pillar reaching a diameter of 4 feet. The pillars in the Palace have simple designs, and when you watch and visit the Palace, you will find that they are in the Shape of a square-shaped head. 

Also, when you visit Barzan Palace during the day, you will find it lit by square-shaped ventilation holes close to the ceiling and by the doors. 

You will also find a room painted white or similar beige color, empty of different types of furniture and fixtures, you will find in it only wooden hangers, which were used in the old days to hang swords, and an arena directly in front of the door, with Mortars and pestles on it which were used to grind coffee. 

Barzan Palace is one of the ancient historical palaces that many tourists from inside and outside Saudi Arabia seek to visit and enjoy its grandeur and magnificent walls decorated with unique carvings. 



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