Landmarks Park in Riyadh

Landmarks Park in Riyadh

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One of Riyadh's most significant and well-known parks, the Landmarks Park is situated in a prime strategic location just before Exit No. 10 towards the Eastern Ring Road. The park was planned and created to cover a space of 25,000 square meters that is split into three sections.

As the first section should contain global landmarks, the second section contains local landmarks, and the third section contains landmarks related to the water element

Landmarks and features of Riyadh landmarks Park 

Riyadh landmarks Park is one of the distinctive parks containing a number of global and local architectural sculptures that have been designed to high and international standards in a miniature form, taking into account the preservation of the idea of the sculpture and its harmony, this makes it easy to move these sculptures while maintaining the possibility of seeing them from all directions by creating dedicated pedestrian walkways designed in the form of curves or circles so that you can easily connect all the elements in the Park. 

The Park contains approximately 31 international sculptures, each with its own information and design. It also includes an area of houses based on African building systems, as well as a children's play area, kiosks for sale, and seating.

There are also local sculptures as well as a visual display in a particular area for watching show movies, in addition to the presence of models that embody the water element in Riyadh landmarks park. It is one of the beautiful parks that many seek to visit because of its wonderful programs and sections that attract tourists from inside and outside Saudi Arabia. 

In addition, there is a beautiful and picturesque lake inside the park that was designed and built on an area of 350 square meters, directly next to the cafeteria and Mini-Market area, and many desks were built with a direct view of the lake to sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

While walking on the road towards the exit, you will find a special room selling souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones and friends from Riyadh landmarks Park, and you will also find that this park has been highly valued by the majority of visitors, in fact, many who have visited it decided that they will revisit it. 

Sections of Riyadh landmarks Park 

The park has been opened in 2015 and has been created and designed by the most skilled local and international architects and engineers. The park is divided into 3 sections :

The first area contains many distinctive objects and landmarks within the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, such as ancient historical monuments like Mada'in Salih and sculptures of the Two Holy Mosques.

The second area: this area includes objects of many world-famous landmarks such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, the pyramids in Egypt, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, as well as the clock tower in London 

The third area: contains visuals, like the most famous and prominent natural monuments such as the summit of Mount Everest, while it also has corridors to wander between the gardens and enjoy the green spaces, it also contains trees, palms, colorful cheerful flowers, and wonderful and attractive landscapes. You can sit and enjoy this section where there are seats to view the vast green spaces. You can find seats in the form and system of beautiful African seats, overlooking the wide lake. When you go to Riyadh landmarks park, you will be amazed by the beauty of the picturesque and beautiful nature around you.